Wyndhams Theatre Seating Plan

Wyndham’s Theatre is a smaller West End venue with just 759 seats spread over four tiers, the stalls, royal circle, grand circle and balcony. The stalls cover A to row R, between three and 28 seats wide. The royal circle covers rows A to G, between 2 to 30 seats wide. The grand circle is home to rows A to D, again anywhere between 2 to 30 seats wide, and the balcony covers rows A to D, between two and 29 seats in width.

Rows A to D in the stalls are popular because you feel so close to the action and the rows further back are good for views and legroom. The stalls box delivers space for long legs and clear views.

The royal circle has slightly tight legroom in places but lovely stage views and the royal/upper circle boxes lose about 15% of the stage.

The grand circle has limited legroom but central seats in B and C have the best views.

And the balcony, as well as delivering reasonable visibility in some places, offers standing room when the lower tiers are full.

The stalls are down 18 steps from the foyer, there are 12 steps up to the royal circle, 21 up to the grand circle and more than 40 up to the balcony, plus steps between the steep balcony rows.